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  • The Renegade® 2900 Battery Ride-On removal and floor preparation machine is the first machine designed specifically for those who need more power without the required extended run time.
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  • Get more material removed per shift than other battery machine. This All Day Battery Ride-On removal and floor preparation machine is a great Renegade® choice. Appropriately named, it offers battery run times exceeding the average eight hour day.
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  • This heavy, high powered propane scraper sets the operational standard for high removal rates of tough mall ceramic tile. The patented carbide angle shank and patented dual lift hydraulic slide plate helps this 2,800 lb scraper to outpace 3,500+ lb class units.
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  • Transform removal from an expense to a profit center. With one of our fast and powerful riding or walk-behind floor strippers, you can efficiently handle all your removal needs yourself.

    If you’re still paying expensive subcontractors to handle your removal, ask yourself WHY? Why are you paying other people big money to do simple work? Why are you letting them take that fast and easy profit from all your jobs? Why not do it yourself???

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  • Considering the extensive hours operators occupy the driver seat, this powerful 2,500 lb riding floor scraper easily tackles floor covering removal on the hardest floors. The Renegade® 7700 All Day battery can run 8-12 hours on single charge and frequently used in high traffic commercial buildings.
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  • Looking for a compact answer? The Renegade® 5625 Propane Ride-On removal and floor preparation machine is small enough for residential jobs yet powerful enough to remove tough ceramic. Capable of taking up most flooring without the need to be near a power outlet!
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  • The compact size, simple hand controls and efficiency make the walk-behind scrapers irresistible for removing really stubborn soft goods like vinyl and double-stick carpet.

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