Carpet Removal

Carpet removal can be a difficult process. Fortunately, there are tools available to make this task easier.

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Walk Behind Floor Scrapers

A walk behind scraper can be a solid investment for anyone who does this work regularly. Most of our walk behinds are self-propelled so the machine does the work. In many cases this machine will keep a small crew busy by pulling up carpet and vinyl faster than it can be hauled out. One thing to keep in mind is that most self-propelled Walk Behinds only can take up soft goods (carpet, VCT/VAT, linoleum, sports flooring etc.) with “self-cutting” blades. These blades range in widths from 4 inches to 14 inches. This make them versatile for a wide variety of materials. For areas that are a mix of carpet and ceramic tile, taking up the ceramic is best done using either a self-propelled 6280HD Gladiator Walk Behind or a Riding Scraper because these machines are efficient and effective.

carpet removal
5000 riding floor scraper

Riding Floor Scraper Machines

Commercial carpet removal is one area where using a riding scraper has a huge advantage. A riding scraper weighs four to five times more than a high end walk behind. This additional weight enables engineers to build them with three to four times higher wheel speeds. This additional weight also opens up the possibility of wider blades (up to 27”) and enables a rider to remove more glue.

Renegade® scrapers also offer razor blades up to 15 inches wide for really tough glue. Another advantage is power – riding scrapers are not tethered to a power outlet during their operation saving you the worry of managing the cord.

Riding scrapers come in a variety of sizes. However, for contractors that focus on soft goods like carpet and VCT, the Renegade® 5000DL is recommended.

The Renegade® 5000 is an ideal solution for both residential and commercial jobs because of its superior size and speed. The small footprint of the 5000 allows it to fit through doorways, down hallways, and into closets that no other riding scraper can go. The Renegade® 5000 can take up carpet & vinyl tile at up to 2000 square feet an hour, making it one of the fastest Ride-on Scrapers on the market.

So, if you are a Demolition or Flooring Contractor, the Renegade® 5000 is built to save you time and money.

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