Dust Control & Dust Collector Machines

We offer a wide selection of machines to control and collect dust. Ideal for use on any jobsite, they contain and collect powder, wood dust, concrete dust, and many other worksite by-products creating a safer work environment for all.

A dust collector is an industrial strength vacuum built specifically to contain and collect large amounts of concrete dust. This dust or airborne stock, comes specifically from a floor grinder or polisher. Dust collectors are larger and more powerful than shop vacs, and are usually (not always) built specifically to operate with wet materials or dry materials. As a result, they create a safer work environment for all.

A dust collector works by connecting directly to your floor grinder or polisher. It uses 1-3 hoses (2 hoses for most machines) to contain and collect debris. It’s purpose is to keep all worksite by-products out of the air leaving only large chunks on the floor after a grind.

A pre-separator is rarely REQUIRED with a dust collector. Most of the time you can grind or polish with only a dust collector. However, the use of a pre-separator captures the majority of dust and debris prior to it reaching the dust collector. Therefore, it is an addition that greatly extends the life of your collector.

For large commercial jobs where the man hours expense is high, a pre-separator will quickly pay for itself by allowing 60 second breaks to empty. This means only stopping once an hour to empty the dust collector. If your projects allow a 5 minute stop to empty the dust collector bag every 15-20 minutes, the expense of a pre-separator can be saved.