The Economy And Small Business

The Economy and Small Business

What’s going on in the worldwide economy and small business has no doubt impacted many. It’s widely believed that FDR was more than partially right when he said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself!”

The basic qualities it takes to run a successful business are the same whether the economy is good or bad. What we find is that tougher times simply separate the men from the boys.

We’ve heard from some clients that things are slowing down and other clients that are growing, and investing in new equipment for their businesses.

Same outside forces, different reaction and result.

A couple of inches of snow can shut down a city in the south…but, in Chicago or Buffalo, they hardly blink and eye.

Same outside forces, different reaction and result.

We can’t control the weather, and we can’t control the economy – The best we can do is prepare. What are you doing to seize opportunities in this economy? The status of the economy will undoubtedly turn again. When it does, the actions you take now have the power to catapult you to greater rewards in the future.

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