Grinder Diamonds

Nationals magnetic tooling system is the perfect solution for grinding coatings, surface prep and polishing. They are available in a variety of sizes to suit any application.

Also known as diamond tooling, grinding diamonds use tiny artificial diamond chips to scrape or cut the surface of concrete. The diamond chips are usually embedded in small blocks of resin or metal combinations.

Grinder Diamonds work by the flat diamond plate rotating in a circular motion on the concrete surface. Because the diamond chips are so small, the depth of cut into the concrete is tiny- usually thin mill. This makes diamonds a great option for removing thin coatings such as paint or thinset. In the end, a smooth surface is left, ready to install any flooring type.

Grinder Diamonds work predominantly on all Grinder machines. They are universal for the most part. Grinder Diamonds come in many different sizes and shapes (circular, square, triangle etc.). Also available are metal bond diamonds, resin bond, hybrid, and soft-medium-hard. The shape, size and type of the diamonds needed will depend on the size of your grinders diamond disk or diamond connectors.

Grinder Diamonds are used most effectively for removing thin coatings (paint, thinset, epoxy, dirt, oil etc). Diamonds are the most efficient way to clean the concrete and level high spots when a smooth surface is required for new flooring installation. All this can be accomplished without requiring any additional tools or equipment.

The size and type of Griner Diamonds to use are determined by the size of the project. In most cases a single set of diamonds (6-9 pieces for most grinders) can grind or clean 3,000-5,000 square feet of concrete. There are also many different types of diamonds, designed for specific removal applications. For example, PCD diamonds offer the fastest, most aggressive way to remove hard thinset or epoxy coatings. Carbide diamonds can quickly clean glue or mastic off a smooth concrete surface, with virtually zero scratching or gouging.