Residential Floor Removal

Many floor removal contractors avoid residential floor removal because their commercial equipment is too large for a home. Yet residential removal vs. commercial removal can have a higher profit margin per square foot. In particular, using the right equipment can allow a contractor to quickly get in, remove the flooring, and move onto the next project.

There are several different tools available for residential removal along with small commercial, condos, hotels etc.:

Walk Behind Scrapers

We offer a variety of Walk Behind Scrapers to fit varying needs and budgets. From manual to self-propelled, a Renegade® Walk-Behind can fit into tight areas allowing removal of hard or soft flooring. As a result, residential and small commercial spaces can often be served with a Walk-Behind when a Rider is too large.

These Walk-Behinds run off standard 110V power and use standard parts and blades. This makes them a solid choice. Maintenance is low and most parts can be acquired locally for easy repair and replacement by the owner.

The largest and most powerful walk behind scraper available is the Renegade 6280HD. It’s self-propelled and weighs in at 550 lbs., which helps it efficiently tear up hard flooring. Carbide tipped shanks are available for ceramic tile, and specialized wood shanks are a great solution for wood or bamboo floors.

Link to: Renegade® 550 Walk Behind

Riding Floor Scrapers

When the power of a riding scraper is needed, the 5000DL is a great choice due to it’s small footprint and weight. For instance, at 24” wide it can easily drive through any size doorway, and it’s 1,700 lb. weight allows transport in most single axel trailers. The small footprint allows tight corner turns, hallway navigation and entrance into bedrooms. For older hotels and condos with 2,000 lb. elevators, the 5000 riding scraper is the only ride-on small enough and light enough to fit.

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