RENEGADE® Rider Rentals

Renting floor removal equipment offers simplicity and efficiency.

Rider rentals offer you simplicity. Do you need a clean floor? Renegade® floor removal equipment is your answer. Rent a scraper by the day, week or month with delivery, because time is money. Even the blades and attachments are included with your rental. Because, this keeps your surface preparation job moving efficiently, eliminating the painful manual floor removal. Tile, carpet and VCT come up easily with a Riding Floor Scraper (see videos below).

Check out our sister company Floor Scraper Rentals for a rider rental that fits your budget. We are happy to talk with you about your specific needs and help connect you with what is available. Talk to one of our trained technicians to discover the best machine for your needs.

Renegade® Rider Rentals include:

A powerful, clean and inspected riding scraper suited for your job site size and flooring type

Necessary blades and accessories for your specific job site flooring type

Training of machine use and experienced advice how to quickly and efficiently remove

Phone support 7 days a week for questions on floor removal techniques and equipment operation

Quality customer service and hospitality from knowledgeable people who understand the flooring industry

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