A Riding Floor Scraper or Removal Machine is a machine used to demolition all floor covering types. For instance, this includes, but not limited to, Hardwood, VCT, Tile, Terrazzo, Vinyl, Carpet, etc. Specifically, the RENEGADE® brand is powerful for commercial spaces as well as small enough for residential uses.

Riding Floor Scrapers are used for removing stubborn floor covering in both commercial and residential spaces to leave a clean floor. A RENEGADE® Ride On Floor Scraper can take away the need for painful, back breaking, manual jackhammers and scraper bars.

A Riding Floor Scraper can save money and time in every floor removal job. For example, a 2900 Renegade Ride On Floor Scraper will do the work of 4 – 7 people, depending on the flooring. As a result, saving money and time.

Knowing this fact begs the question, does it make more sense for us to rent or purchase? The answer depends on how frequently is floor removal a part of your business. Less than once a week might make floor scraper rental a more cost efficient option over a floor scraper purchase. However, if your jobs include repeat floor removal several times a week, then a purchase is a must.

The type of floor removal also should be considered. Residential floor removal would benefit from the smallest riding floor scraper. In the same way, commercial removal would favor one of our larger riding scrapers, such as the Renegade® 5700. This riding floor scraper has more power with faster operation.

A Riding Floor Scraper can take up just about any coating from a concrete floor. In other words, asphalt, carpet, vinyl, rubber, paint, epoxy, stone tile such as ceramic, terrazzo, and marble. This also includes any type of manufactured wood, plank, and bamboo. Ride-on Floor Scrapers also do a great job of scraping up thinset and glue, when using the correct blades or shanks.