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Specialty Equipment offers one of the most extensive product offerings currently available in the surface preparation industry. Because it’s an honor to support our customers with unparalleled customer service. You are the most important part of our business. In fact, the staff at SED has more than 40 years combined experience to help you get the right equipment for your toughest jobs. As a result, we never stop working for your business.

Our surface preparation machines, blades and tooling are designed and built in America with American steel. At SED we’ll always remember where we came from and keep working hard to hold your trust. We promise to listen to your concerns, adapt with your business needs and earn your loyalty.

Moreover, these articles are for your insight and information to help support your business. Enjoy.

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big money in floor removal

Big Money In Floor Removal

Transform floor removal from an expense to a profit center for big money. With one of our fast and powerful riding or walk-behind floor strippers, you can efficiently handle all your removal needs yourself.
Battery Vs Propane

Battery vs. Propane

When buying a riding floor scraper there's one question every prep guy must face... Should I purchase a battery machine or propane? From our experience, we've found a few factors you many want to consider:
floor scraper tooling

The Right Tooling For The Job

While a little ingenuity can come in handy, you probably don’t have time to play MacGyver by taking up 4,000 feet of hardwood in two days with a butter knife, sandpaper, and some dental floss.

Close To The Edge… Grinding

Remember to consider the edging when making a grinder purchase. A product from The Renegade® Floor Grinder Series could be the answer.
Used floor removal equipment

Used Floor Removal Equipment

On occasion, we get calls from contractors looking for used floor removal equipment. If you’re looking, the best thing to do is...
The Economy and Small Business

The Economy And Small Business

We can’t control the weather, and we can’t control the economy - The best we can do is prepare. What are you doing to seize opportunities in this economy?
floor removal tools

Tools You Use In Floor Removal

We have an experienced team to help ensure you have the right floor removal tools for the work you bid, making your life easier and help you get more business.
blastrac parts and blades

Having Trouble Finding Blastrac® Parts and Blades?

Due to changes Blastac had discontinued several riding floor scrapers and walk behind units. Here's a solution for you...