Efficient Vinyl Tile Removal with Quality Equipment

Whether you’re a Contractor looking for equipment for bulk vinyl tile removal or small residential jobs we have several lines of equipment available to make your job go smoothly. Now is the time to get rid of back-breaking methods and get more done. If you have any questions about your specific removal job feel free to call and speak with our experienced Flooring Removal Specialists 800-580-4839

Riding Floor Scraper Machines

Large commercial VCT removal does not have to slow you down. These multi-functional Renegade Riding Scrapers are unsurpassed in the marketplace.  With battery and propane powered riders ranging from 1700 lbs. to 2800 lbs., you can find the best fit for the work you do every day.

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Walk Behind Floor Scrapers

Whether you are trying to get into a check stand or ripping out 100,000 square feet, we have walk behinds for any size job or material. Vinyl tile removal can be accomplished efficiently because the ergonomic features of this machine reduce operator fatigue. You will find that Walk Behind units are effective because they optimize time and labor savings. In particular, using the right equipment can allow a contractor to quickly get in, remove the flooring, and move onto the next project.

The compact design of our walk behind scrapers make them ideal for use in tight spaces. Most importantly, a variety of models are available to fit well for any budget. Those working with a smaller budget will appreciate that every walk behind includes everything you need to get started.

We love answering questions! Our experienced staff of Flooring Removal Specialists would be happy to help find the best fit for your use case. Tell us your budget and we’ll find your best fit for vinyl tile removal.

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