Walk-Behind Floor Scrapers for Precise and Controlled Removal

Our Walk Behind Floor Scrapers exceed industry expectation and set unmatchable standards for removal rates, durability and safety.

A walk behind floor scraper (especially a self-propelled walk behind floor scraper) saves time by doing the work of 2-3 people. As a result, ask yourself “Should we  rent as needed or make a purchase?”. The answer depends on the frequency of floor removal work. Less than once a week might make Floor Scraper Rental a more cost efficient option, especially if your equipment needs change between a walk behind and a rider. 

Are you taking up flooring every week? If so, you may want to consider a purchase. Residential floor removal is easier with a self-propelled walk behind floor scraper, and commercial removal usually favors a riding floor scraper (more power, faster operation). Heavy commercial work would benefit most from both a rider and walk behind, to address the areas too small for a rider to fit.

Walk Behind Floor Scraper can remove a variety of flooring and coatings. The specific type depends largely on the model of walk behind unit you select. For example, the most powerful walk behind scraper available can take up all soft flooring and coatings. This includes carpet, vinyl, rubber, glue etc. Similarly most hard coatings like wood, stone tile, thinset, paint can be removed too.

With the right blades a walk behind can achieve a near clean concrete floor on most projects. Whatever model you choose, it will be noticeably slower than a riding scraper, but will fit in areas too small for a rider like bathrooms, closets and small offices, in cubicles or around furniture. Both manual and self propelled Walk Behind Scrapers are available, each designed for specific floor types.

The Walk Behind Scraper to best fit your project is determined by the type of flooring you remove most frequently. For example, here are three great choices:

  • The Renegade® 6280HD Walk Behind is the largest, most powerful walk behind available. Additionally, it is one of the few walk behinds that’s built specifically to remove hard floors like wood, stone tile and thinset. Even though this floor scraper is the biggest walk behind physically, it’s small size and weight still make it easy to move. In other words, it can fit into any elevator, through any doorway and around any corner. This makes it ideal for small areas like homes, condos, hotels, offices and commercial bathrooms. It also allows constant operation since it’s powered off standard 110v power. No gas fumes or dead batteries to interrupt work.
  • The Renegade® 5280 Walk Behind Floor Scraper is a great choice for the contractor that specializes only in the removal of soft flooring. This self-propelled unit removes the worst of today’s soft good like carpet, VCT, rubber or glue.
  • The Renegade® 550 Walk Behind is a smaller, less expensive walk behind scraper ideal for residential jobs. It is quite effective in removing softer flooring and even easier to transport due to the smaller footprint and lighter overall weight. Moreover, this option is significantly less expensive than other Walk Behind Floor Scrapers.